Album Art for Valeska Gavotte’s New Release

Monday, March 25th, 2013

I have recently had the great pleasure of working with esteemed musician Valeska Gavotte of Folkwit Records. Valeska is an incredible composer from the eastern seaboard of our great country and I was thrilled when he asked me to do the album art for his first EP, Botanica, back in 2012. He later used “Victory Day” for his second release, “The Sword and the Shield”, and now they are being re-released and pressed together as one CD across the pond by Folkwit Records of England. Be sure to check out his music, it’s fuginggg sweet. There’s nothing like it.

Valeska Gavotte Album cover

I’ll be doing the art for his 3rd release “Songs for Sinfonietta” over the next few months. More info soon!


2 comments on “Album Art for Valeska Gavotte’s New Release

  1. stu laws says:

    Just received an email about this release from folkwit and just had to look at more of your artwork. Loving what I’ve seen so far!

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