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Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Excited to announce a special showing of my marker work at The Cup in Boulder, CO from January 15 – 31, 2014. This marker-only display features 8 pieces from 2011-2012, several of which were completed at none other than The Cup itself. Spent many late night hours here during the winter of 2011-2012, hyped up on quality coffee and dreamin’ art dreams. Come check it out!

2014-01-15 17.55.21

2014-01-15 17.56.12

2014-01-15 17.57.29

Focus 1, Faber Castell marker on recycled paper

2014-01-15 17.56.21

2014-01-15 17.56.53

Chinacat Generator, Faber Castell marker on bristol board

2014-01-15 17.57.03

Got Everything That I Gave, Faber Castell marker on recycled paper



Sunday, January 12th, 2014

“PILE OF SHIP” progress. #abandonship


Startin to add all the details…this is my fav part.

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Different pictures than the ones I post here, plus a slice of lyfe.

I don’t know how to link this to that…otherwise I would. Heh. Sorry. #hashtaghumor


Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Hello Hello. Hope y’all’s January is going swell so far. Things have been busy here at BrianLeahyArt ™. Here’s some photos from prAna’s yoga studio on Pearl St., where my art has been on display from December to the present.

2013-12-06 16.33.08

2013-12-06 16.50.18

2013-12-06 16.36.05

2013-12-06 16.36.13

2013-12-06 16.37.20

“Loomer”, acrylic on wood

Over the next couple days I will be moving my marker works to The Cup (also located on Pearl St., Boulder, CO). They shall remain on display there until February 1st, when I’m making the move to Hapa Sushi in the Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver for the month. My first time showing in Denver! Can’t wait. Until then,