Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Hello Hello. Hope y’all’s January is going swell so far. Things have been busy here at BrianLeahyArt ™. Here’s some photos from prAna’s yoga studio on Pearl St., where my art has been on display from December to the present.

2013-12-06 16.33.08

2013-12-06 16.50.18

2013-12-06 16.36.05

2013-12-06 16.36.13

2013-12-06 16.37.20

“Loomer”, acrylic on wood

Over the next couple days I will be moving my marker works to The Cup (also located on Pearl St., Boulder, CO). They shall remain on display there until February 1st, when I’m making the move to Hapa Sushi in the Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver for the month. My first time showing in Denver! Can’t wait. Until then,



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