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Friday, September 6th, 2013

! ! !

My artwork will be featured in the First Friday Art Walk in Nederland, CO today, September 6, 2013 from 5 – 9 PM. My art is hanging at the Wild Mountain Smokehouse & Brewery. Come hang out and enjoy some killer beer, BBQ and local talent all around town. Watch this cool music video if you’re having trouble deciding whether or not to go. Shout out to S. Pepper.

My art will be displayed at Wild Mountain through 9/23.



Friday, September 6th, 2013

Heck yeah.

I did not take this photo.

I did not take this photo.

From October 1 – 31st, 2013, my art will be hanging at OZO Coffee Co., 1015 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO. It will be my largest showing of originals to date, as well as the debut of two new large scale acrylic paintings on wood.



Thursday, August 15th, 2013

valeska album cover

!%#$#%!. Exciting news: The awesomely talented human Valeska Gavotte has just been featured on the front page of the Italian music site Onda Rock. Thrilled to see him gaining exposure, and not just because my art is featured on his albums. There’s nothing else like his music. Be sure to check it out here.

Keep an eye out for his next album and the accompanying single, both of which are arriving in the next few months (and will be featuring art from yours truly).


Tomorrow, Friday August 16, 2013, I will have a booth at Art Night Out in Lafayette, CO, 5 – 9 PM. Come hang out and enjoy live music, a beer and wine garden, food trucks and tons of local art!


Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Friday, June 21 was a great day. Art Night Out is held once a month in Lafayette, CO during the summer. People gather for a splendid evening of art, live music, local beer and community. I had a booth there (my 1st ever!) displaying my most recent batch of prints. Thanks to all the awesome people who helped make this happen and came to hang out. You guys are extremely cool.


booth 3

Business card holder


friends 7


Print pile

band 2

friends 2

Best Pic Of Show award goes to…this one

friends 6


Did you lose a light-up ring price tag at the show? Let me know. I think I saved it, but I haven’t unpacked yet. So no guarantees.


“Light-up rings?!”

Prints 1

friends 5

Cool tree

cool tree closeup

friends 8


Monday, June 24th, 2013

Things new and old:

album art

Swamp of dead trees…brutal

new painting 2

Beginning of my newest painting. Spoiler alert…it has mountains and trees in it

New Painting

This is a vague idea of what the new painting will look like, the bottom being the foreground and the top being the…anti-foreground

New Painting 3

New Painting 4

card trees

The foliage is made of card symbols. These colors make it look like sugary cereal

card tree closeup

Sketch for a commission I'm working on, a diptych portraying the never ending march of mankind's 'progress'

Sketch for a commission I’m working on. It’s a diptych inspired by that feeling I get when I drive through suburbia, surrounded by malls, chain restaurants and selfish, useless over-maintained lawns. Uneasy. Displaced. Worried about the future. Sad and lost. I want it to make the viewer feel like vomiting, yet still be like, ‘that’s a cool painting’. Tricky


Making paper mache dinosaurs with a person really teaches you about the core of their character

Making paper mache dinosaurs with a person really teaches you about the core of their character

I made a stegosaurus with a sun on its side. f$#%ing hippies

I made a stegosaurus with a sun on its side. f$#%ing hippies

The Stood 2

The ol’ stood has been pretty full lately

The Stood

The painting on the bottom right is called “I’d Rather…”

Brian Leahy Art Logo

This symbol is how I sign my work. It goes back to some of my oldest doodles, when I used to draw nothing but stacks of cubes. I think I learned how to draw them from the show ‘Imagination Station’, that awesome show on PBS that taught kids how to draw all kinds of cool stuff, along with basic concepts like utilizing 3 dimensions. Thanks Mark

Joe slept in the chamber!

It’s been done. Joe.

mini tree discussion

Mini tree discussion

no good oxygen progress

‘No Good Oxygen User’ progress

My bamboo bush thing is the only plant I've ever managed to not kill

My bamboo bush thing is the only plant I’ve ever managed to not kill

"Headless Ghost Gives The Thumbs Up"

“Headless Ghost Gives The Thumbs Up”

ultimate potrait of the artist

Me at the beach

Trees Are Just Giant Plants

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

heyo yo. yo. Wut u been up 2 major Brin?

Here are some things. Recently.

Insert Face Here

The center is cut out…you can put your face behind it. if you want.

Power Drain

Power Drain

Rollin Over

Business Man

Oldies but goodies

Oldies but goodies…The one on the right is an early version of ‘Take A Bow’

No Good Oxygen User

Part I of ‘No Good Oxygen User’

No Good Oxygen User 2

Part II of ‘No Good Oxygen User’

Movin in 1834

check out this funny guy

he looks like he likes Metallica

Cool desk shot of Pipes


Coool desk shot of Pipes 2

Pipes on the way

Pipes progress

Hand of God

Hand of God

Snooze Drawings 2

Concept art for an awesome company

Snooze drawings 3

Snooze Drawings

What it looks like to set up a show

What it looks like setting up for a show

flowering of memory 1

Progress of ‘Flowering of Memory’

Forest Moon Sketch

Oil paints you disgust me

Great American Prairie Study Naming Process

Great American Prairie – study / naming process

Early Brian Art!

Early Brian Leahy art. Age 8 or 9. I liked finding out that even back then I was drawing trees and mountains. But I grew up on the ocean. Maybe that explains the killer whale in the lake

Mural In Lafayette, CO

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

mural and me serious

It’s done!

Last month I finished work on my first mural in the great state of Colorado. Located on a garage door in Lafayette, “Loomer – The Mural” measures approximately 8′ tall by 10′ wide.

mural excellent shot

mural great shot

The mural was done in conjunction with the great people at Project YES, a nonprofit also based in Lafayette that provides leadership opportunities for young people through the arts and service-learning. Check them out – they are doing some really great things for the community. The more art in kids’ lives, the bettaaa.

mural volunteers

The 1st day I had the help of some awesome volunteers

mural volunteers 2

mural coming along

I met many cool people during the course of this project and was excited to see how much is going on in Lafayette’s art scene. Can’t wait to get back there – I hope to be rocking a booth at Art Night Out several times this summer. More info on that to follow.

mural progress 2

mural start

at the start

reflection of mural

dat reflection, son


Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

There’s a mural in the works, here in Brian town. I am teaming up with a cool organization in Lafayette that helps kidz get mo’ art in their lives – killer idea – and I will be painting a mural with them soon (more info on that to follow). To figure out what I want to do there I started my largest painting yet last week (it’s on wood – also a 1st for me). He’s taken on a life of his own now. Have to have it finished in 3 days, so you won’t even have to wait long to see it done!


Mural ariel view

mural from the side

Mural in da mornin'

In Da Mornin

mural finish tree

mural 3rd black

mural 2nd blue

mural 1st blue

Here you can see the sketch I did for the painting:

mural sketch


Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

40 oz to Mural

In case you were wondering what we’ve been up to

Ask + Thy Thrift Store Shall Provide

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Setting up for my show at Cannon Mine Coffee in Lafayette, CO, my art manager Sara Jane had the genius idea of making business card holders out of objects from the thrift store a few blocks away. Why put that shit on the counter when you could put it in a jar with a moose on it? That’s the question we all have to ask ourselves, at some point in our lives.

cannon mine card holders

Lotus card holder under "Still Here"

Lotus card holder under “Still Here”

Lil' Obedient Card Holder (TM) under "Focus 1"

Lil’ Obedient Card Holder (TM) under “Focus 1”

I have returned to visit my art at Cannon Mine and sip a nice bev several times since the beginning of March – I like this place. I’ve met a couple cool artists there (more info on that later) and I hope our paths cross again soon.

The open mikes there are boppin’. Check these pics of my art in action:

Don't know their names, but they played a mean git

Don’t know their names, but they played a mean git

Another satisfied customer.

Another satisfied customer

The sneaky debut of my 1st canvas painting, "I'd Rather..."

The sneaky debut of my 1st canvas painting, “I’d Rather…” Higher resolution to follow