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Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

It’s done! The official debut of “Don’t Be Afraid Of Starting Over”. 4 x 6′ acrylic on wood. Hanging now @ Twig Salon, 1831 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO 80302, through March 2015. (Click for closer view)

Don't Be Afraid Of Starting Over painting

Left side of painting

Closeup, left side of painting

Closeup of houses, center of painting

Closeup of houses, center of painting

Closeup, right side of painting

Closeup, right side of painting

u know wut it issss ;) Signature on painting

U know wut it issss ūüėČ Signature on painting

This painting gets its name from one of my favorite Foster The People songs, “Pseudologia Fantastica”. (And for anyone who might be confused out there, it was referred to in earlier posts as¬†“Refused To Settle”. But the ‘Don’t Be Afraid of Starting Over’ tagline was always on the back, and in the end I felt like it summed up the idea¬†of the painting better)

Backside of painting, before hanging

Backside of painting, before hanging

2014-12-19 08.43.31

Salon hair chair thingies for scale

2014 has been one of the best years of my life so far. Looking forward to 2015. Happy New Year everyone!


Tuesday, July 15th, 2014


Pile of Ship

“Pile of Ship”

4 acrylic paintings on wood, 7 marker drawings and more arriving as the seasons change. Exhibition runs from August – December 2014.

Three Paintings, One Photo

Left: “In The Beginning We Lived Outside”. Right: “Loomer”


Twig Salon is located at 1831 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO. Come check it out!

Coming up on BRIAN LEAHY ART:

РMore photos of the art showing

Info¬†about the¬†upcoming debut / release party @ Twig¬†of REFUSE TO SETTLE, a 4 x 6′¬†acrylic painting about brightly colored chemical atoms and rising to meet your dreams.

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Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Update from BrianLeahyArt HQ:¬†Working on a new painting. Here’s a couple sketches:

new piece sketch

new piece sketch 4

Color scheme not final. You can see the wall of windows well here.

new piece footprints


The painting is going to be as big as the last one (“Pile Of Ship”) aka 4 x 6′ on wood. The basic idea is a mountain peak with footprints to the summit visible. In the background a sun looms larger than life. But the whole scene is viewed through a wall of randomly stacked windows.

I am experimenting with using tape to block off segments of the painting, leaving clean wood visible. Just finished a trial smaller example of the tape part, seen below.

2014-04-06 22.26.40

No worries, it only took 4 hours! Ha! Ha. Ugh.

This one’ll be done in time for my summer residency at the unparalleled most excellent¬†TWIG¬†SALON¬†on Pearl St. here in lovely¬†BOULDER COLORADO. Stay tuned friends!


Friday, November 15th, 2013

brian leahy art show poster upcoming year 2013-2014